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Visitors statistics

In 2022, for the first time passed 100.000 visitors. Not only that - we doubled the number of visitors from the year before - which was also a record year! So we would like to say thank you to everyone that supports us, either by visiting, sponsoring, advertising or in another capacity!

This picture shows our visitors statistics, month by month, from 2017:

  • The statistics are not updated daily so we may be missing the last month
  • We do not track users so the statistics show the total number of visitors instead of the number of unique visitors
  • The statistics are too big to show all the way from the start, so we only show the last 5 years

Hjelp oss med å forbedre arrangementskalenderen! har p.t. over 500 arrangementer registrert, som vi primært har hentet fra følgende kilder:

  • Facebook arrangementer
  • Google Calendar
  • Bladet Norsk Motorveteran
  • Klubb hjemmesider

Dessverre har ikke alle disse kildene nøyaktig nok informasjon om arrangementene.

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