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Use of cookies

Motorhobby uses the following "cookies" on our website:

  • Cookie to store the selected language used on the site
  • Cookie to store how many times the welcome text has been displayed

As you can see, does NOT track users of the site.

Information gathering provides a free and public service where we act as a "Yellow pages" directory for units (clubs, museums, workshops, etc.) and events related to Norwegian motoring. We gather our information from unit home pages, the Brønnøysund register, "Gule sider" (the Norwegian Yellow pages), Facebook, Google+ and Google Calendar, among other places. Most of the information we have collected is publicly available, i.e. anyone can find it through a search, but there is some information that we get from closed Facebook groups or directly from the units. We also receive information periodically from the Norwegian motoring magazine "Norsk Motor Veteran", which we have a collaboration with. attempts to update information on units periodically to ensure that our information is current.


  • We have aquired consent to publish ALL personal collections listed on our site.

Storage of personal information

It is presently not possible to register as a user on, which means that for the majority of the users of the site we will NOT store any form of personal information. The exceptions are as follows:

  • If you are listed as a contact for a registered unit (club, museum, workshop, etc.). You could be listed with a postal address, an e-mail address and/or a telephone number
  • If you are listed as a contact for a registered event. The information we store will typically be your name, e-mail address and/or telephone number

I følge en ekspert på GDPR som vi nylig har snakket med trenger ikke Motorhobby å innhente samtykke for å lagre kontaktopplysningene vi har hentet inn, i det de er offentlig tilgjengelige:

  • De fleste kontaktopplysningene har vi funnet på organisasjonens hjemmeside
  • Noen kontaktopplysningene har vi mottatt fra Norsk Motor Veteran, som mottok opplysningene fra organisasjonen for publisering i bladet
  • Vi har også mottatt rettelser fra en del organisasjoner, slik at opplysningene vi publiserer er korrekt
Vi vil allikevel fjerne synligheten av personlige epost adresser relatert til enheter i løpet av sommeren, både for bedre å beskytte den enkeltes personvern men også for å unngå at roboter kan samle opp epost-adressene og bruke dem til utsendelse av søppel-epost (spam). Vi kan imidlertid ikke fjerne kontaktinformasjon for arrangementer i det denne informasjonen ofte er den eneste måten publikum kan nå arrangøren på.

According to an expert on GDPR that we talked to, there is no need for Motorhobby to aquire concent to store contact information we have collected as the information we have is publically available:

  • Most contact information was found on the organization's home page
  • Some contact information we received from the magazine "Norsk Motor Veteran", which received the information from the unit for publication in the magazine
  • We have also received corrections from some units, so that the information we publish is correct

Regardless of this, we will remove visibility for all personal e-mail addresses that applies to units during this summer, both to protect the privacy of each individual but also to prevents e-mail spiders from gathering the e-mail addresses we have collected and using them for spam. We can not, however, remove contact information for events as this is often the only way for the public to get in touch with the event organizer.

Please note that as information on our site primarily relates to organizations, we have not set a limitation on how long we store the information.

In addition to this, information is stored by third parties as follows:

  • If you click the "Twitter" button on a club, an event, etc. the link to this unit/event will be published on your Twitter account
  • If you click the "Liker" button on a club, an event, etc. this will be published on your Facebook account
  • If you click the "G+" button on a club, an event, etc. this will be published on your Google+ account
  • If you comment on a club, an event, etc. using the Facebook connect button your comment will be stored on Facebook

Information exchange has an informal agreement with the magazine "Norsk Motor Veteran" on information exchange. We primarily exchange data on units - typically motoring clubs - and the information is usually limited to membership numbers and unit address(es). We may at times also exchange contact information for the unit, which may include personal e-mail addresses. Most of the time, the information in question is already publically available - typically on the unit's home page.

The reason we exchange information is that "Norsk Motor Veteran" lists club information (name, membership numbers, postal address, contact information) once a year in a special edition of the magazine to help promote the clubs. provides "Norsk Motor Veteran" with information, while in return we receive updated membership numbers and/or contact information. No money is exchanged for this - it is done in the best interest of both parties.

Sale of information

In addition to freely exchanging information with "Norsk Motor Veteran", we presently also have a contract with the magazine to provide them with event information. Event information is collected from Facebook, Google Calendar postings, unit home pages or they have been sent us by e-mail. The majority of events do not contain any kind of personal information, but occasionally the organizer will list contact information for the event. This may be only a telephone number and/or an e-mail address, but will frequently also include a name and thus be personally identifiable. This is also information that is publically available and in some cases information that has been submitted directly to in an e-mail - specifically for the purpose of getting the information published both on our site and in the magazine.

Your rights

You have the right to request us to send you all information we have stored about you. There are, however, two things you should consider before doing that:

  1. We DO NOT store information about the vast majority of users on the site. As listed elsewhere, we only store information on persons that are listed as contacts for a unit or for an event.
  2. If you are associated with a unit or an event*, you can look up the units or events you are affiliated with and see all the information we have collected (Exception: If the event has passed, you can no longer see the information). This will eventually change, as we are looking into ways to protetct your privacy while at the same time allowing the public to contact the unit or event.
* This ONLY applies if the club or event you are affiliated with has you listed as a contact. It does NOT apply if you are a member of the club or are participating in an event.

To protect your privacy, we restrict searches on contact information and private venue addresses. This means that you can not search for your own - or other people's information on our site. But if you do find that we have stored your postal address, telephone number or e-mail address and the information is either incorrect or you do not want it listed, you can use the "Contact us" form to get it corrected or removed. Note that this right only applies to personal information.

If you have contacted us and are unhappy about how we dealt with your request, you can complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

If you have further questions or comments on how we gather and process personal information on our web page, please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail on address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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