AVLYST - Scandinavian Opel Weekend, aug/2020 - Opel Motorsport Club Norway - AVLYST

AVLYST - Scandinavian Opel Weekend, aug/2020 - Opel Motorsport Club Norway - AVLYST

07.08.2020 kl. 16:00

A complete weekend with 201m (possibly 402m)drag, a small drifting track, car show, camping, music and fun! For all Opel enthusiasts in Scandinavia and beyond! Originals or modified! Old or new. High or low. Powerful or not. If the titles say it's an Opel, you are welcome!

Friday through to Sunday - Official and famous professional 402m drag strip - Short 200m single car drift track with audience bleachers - Burn out corner - Car show with awards, all Opels welcome! - Camp grounds close by with toilets and showers available - Big tent with music for socializing through the night - Warm Food and soft drinks available from a vendor through the day, possibly night - Barbecues available for DIY in the evening both nights - Used and new parts vendors are welcomed

No official program scheduled for Friday or Sunday this initial year.

More detailed infomation and pricing to come!

While we call it a Scandinavian Weekend, all nationalities are welcome! If you are German, Dutch, Belgian, Finnish, Polish,Spanish or anything else, you are welcome!

Also Vauxhall shared/rebadged models are welcome, for our UK friends! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_badge-engineered_vehicles

Changes in information, schedules, official program, pricing etc might occur at any time, for reasons not yet known to us.

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